ORA logo

Welcome to the ORA Loss & Living Program, dedicated to helping individuals and groups move through grief and loss in order to lead full, and fulfilling lives. This includes exploration into ways of creating space for conversations around grief, sharing basic information and reassurance about loss, grief and change in a non-threatening, participative way, with sensitivity to those in challenging situations.

ORA is a Maori word which means “life.”  The ORA Loss & Living Program is about piecing broken fragments together to renew life.

ORA’s logo uses the interplay of positive and negative space to represent the veins of a leaf, creating channels that life may flow through. Fractured shapes and colours are evocative of stained glass, which allows the light to shine through its broken pieces. Other elements of the logo represent diversity and harmony; the asymmetric design and pointed shapes create a feeling of growth and movement. Colours range from dark green to light green representing the movement through grief and loss to the next season of renewal. The composition of the image also denotes shelter (like an umbrella overhead, or the feeling of gathering in the shade of a large tree).

A big thank you to Sarah Tevyaw, who as the first Community Bereavement Program Coordinator at Ste-Geneviève United Church did a tremendous job setting up our ORA Loss & Living Program. Sarah also conducted a comprehensive needs assessment and developed various programs and workshops. Thank you also to Judy Coffin, who researched possible names, designed our logo, and prepared above description.

We are most grateful for the support we have received from the Erskine & American Trust Fund, Chasing the Spirit, Embracing the Spirit, and the Good Samaritan Fund, as well as from individual donors.

Together with Montreal City Mission we have organized a number of Loss & Living Workshops. An example of one of these is the Loss & Living Workshop offered on March 18, 2017 at Ste-Geneviève United Church. We have also run the Avant de mourir / Before I die project at many locations in the Montreal area, as shown on our ORA Loss & Living facebook page.